Sixto Rodriguez in Toronto

Yeah, the main event of this week was a concert of Sixto Rodriguez, a musician who became well known after documentary movie Searching for Sugarman. I really liked the movie, but I never hoped that will see Rodriguez live. Unfortunately, I missed him when he performed in Prague (I already left to Toronto), but when I found out that will be also in Toronto, I immediately began to think about visiting his concert. The concert was officially sold out, but I could still buy tickets through marketplace StubHub. It was quite expensive two tickets cost around 330 CAD (i bought two because they were for the same price as only one), but I got it like a present from my parents for my upcoming birthdays, so I didn’t have to worry about it :).

The concert itself was great. It took place in an old Massey hall, close to Dundas square. A really unforgettable experience for me. Sixto played the main part of his hits and added covered hits from other famous bands like the Beatles, the doors or rolling stones. Maybe I would prefer more if he would play just all his songs instead of others, but it is just small thing :).

Next week starting here in Toronto World cup of Hockey with Czech Republic team. I, of course, knew about it, but I thought that the tickets would be super expensive. Fortunately, I checked StubHub again and the tickets for the matches Czech vs Team Europe and Czech vs the USA were really really cheap 10 and 15 CAD. So I had to buy it!:) So next week I am going to the Air Canada center to support our team! In the next post, I will let you know how was it!

Keep tuned and read to me next week!