Slowpitch tournament

Another week went super fast. After the sickness, I am still not able to jump back on track and kinda struggle with my productivity.

Anyway, there was one interesting thing last week. I participated with my friends in the Slowpitch tournament.

It’s an easy Softball game with mixed teams. We have been there already last year and enjoyed it a lot. SO there was no hesitation to come again.

We suck at the game itself but is so much fun and everyone can still enjoy it.

In the end, we finished 11 out of 12 teams haha.

The weather was beautiful, no one got injured and we could manage a lot of good plays during the games. Awesome day with my friends and pure happiness.

Cuz of this big success I decided to make a new facebook group and try to gather as many friends as possible. Time to time I would like to go play Slowpitch and have more fun. Will see if there is some interested.

I hope there is :).


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Stay with me. Emil