Socializing more

This week I was finally more social. On Wednesday we had a small party with people from Aroma. It was in a small club called May in Dundas street. It was really good, some of us got a little bit drunker than was necessary. Don’t underestimate jello shots!!:), but it was fun. We played cards, play table tennis, and table football and knew again a little bit more about each other.

On Friday I was with my roommates at dinner. We went to a Japanese ramen restaurant Kinton near the place we live in. Kazuya from Japan choose this place, so it was sure that will be good. I think I have never eaten ramen before, but it was more than delicious and we had a really good time. The funniest think about this restaurant is that the servers and cooks always welcoming every guest very loudly!

On Sunday first I visited a really good brunch place (unfortunately don’t have any photo) but is it called It is really known brunch place so you have to wait in the line for a while, but it’s not that bad (I waited around 20 minutes). They have waffles of every kind and I enjoyed my meal a lot. They got my recommendation, so don’t hesitate to visit this place!:)

Then I went to the Jazz festival which holds place by Woodbine park. Unfortunately, it was too early, so they played just on a small stage, but still good music and dancing people made good time for me!:).

On the way there I just stopped by the small farmers market, its similar like in Czech. Funny thing that it took place right next to the McDonalds fast food:).

After that, I looked at Woodbine beach. It was cloudy, but still, I got pretty burnt after and I just walked there for a while, probably the sun is stronger here :). Its a really big beach, with a lot of courts for beach volleyball (don’t know if it’s free or not) but the water is still quite a cold and should be also cleaner. Pictures are better than words :).

On the way back before I had to work. I stopped by the Dundas square where was some youth festival. I didn’t have time to explore it more. But there was also some stage and lots of kiosks by the streets. In the summer Toronto lives a lot. I should keep exploring before the winter comes.

Finally, on Monday I visited again The Kensington market. This time just for food and a couple of drinks :). First I got a burger in Amadeus restaurant (again really good, but I like probably every food here!:)) and then I went to a very stylish Handlebar. Good music, good atmosphere and also they have Mondays special, beers for 5 CAD, still a lot for me, but better than nothing :).

Everything didn’t go well because I have a problem with one of my tooths. I lost filling I guess, so I have to visit the dentist. I started communicating with the insurance company and they should settle an appointment, but I don’t know when it should be yet. One thinks I know that everything has to cost till 900 CAD, so hope that it won’t be so serious. Wish me luck and hope in the next post could write about it like something that is already behind me.

Keep tuned and read to me next week!

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