Spending much more than earn

OK, last month I didn’t save anything, what is worst I spent much more than I earn in Aroma. Fortunately, I had some savings from previous months. This month I ate a lot in restaurants, also there were some unexpecting expenses (new bike), I had to buy also some new clothes, there were some parties and so. So the final summary is incomes 1475 CAD and expenses 2076 CAD (this is not yet the post about all my incomes and expenses in Canada but I will write a post about complete summary soon!). Yeah, that’s not good, but actually, I wanted to enjoy this month little bit more. The weather last weeks is great and I am a little bit afraid that it will end soon. So have to enjoy it as much as I can, because in the winter expecting that will be just at home or at work. Yeah, hope next months will be at least even!:)

This week was also next party with coworkers from Aroma, this time we were at the apartment. It was really good and much cheaper than in the pub. We bought one Jack Daniels for 40 CAD + Coke (for three people) and I was pretty drunk, pitcher (3 beers) of beer in the pub cost around 17 CAD. The way home on the bike was funny then (definitely don’t recommend!!).

At Aroma it is ok now. I worked every kind of shift so it was at least different. Next week have to work more hours to cover my expenses. So will see if I will not go crazy.

Still working out. Yeah, one month passed. Let’s keep it next one!:) .. Keep tuned and read me next week!:)