Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Its not just about the surfing (I’m gonna write post just about the surfing soon, need to get some pictures first haha) .. but in Bali you can live pretty ordinary life like everywhere else.. for example, you can go to see a movie .. Star wars madness hit the cinemas, so I couldn’t miss it .. I’ve been to Cineplexx in Lippo mall in Kuta ..

The ticket cost 35000IDR which is pretty cheap. The cinema is like everywhere else, I think I don’t need to describe.

About the movie the Star Wars: Last Jedi.. let’s make it clear in the beginning… I’m not such a huge fan of Star Wars franchise (understand I don’t really follow all the story). But I always enjoy watching it .. the good thing is that I don’t have big expectations the bad thing like I said I don’t need much about the story…

So my review is probably 50/50 .. I cannot say anything about the movie if we talking about the scenes, and cinematography in general .. its really nice to see the aliens landscapes, funny new creatures, and impressive star wars battles ..buuut, there is always but haha .. if I would talk about the story, I kinda feel that it could be happening everywhere I didn’t connect with that it’s something special or extraordinary .. something I would watch it one more time.. maybe I missed some details .. I can admit that haha .. but really it was just like any other movie .. I am sorry to say that .. all Star Wars fans gonna kill me now ..please don’t :))

OK this one was just short about from the ordinary life, but next better posts are coming, I promise. Stay tuned. Read my blog next week:).