Starting street workout

More accurately I started two days ago so will see how long will continue :). I always want to try to do something like that, but I was always lazy. I thought about it here in Toronto, right away I came, but I couldn’t find the street workout place. Fortunately, I tried it one more time and guess what. The place is 5 minutes from my house. Although a small one, for me it’s more than enough.

I hope it also forces me to wake up earlier. Like I do just the evening shifts I got used to waking up late and that sucks (around 11 AM). So I always eat breakfast, play guitar a little and can go again to the work and that’s not how I imagined that. Anyway, my plan is now to wake up around 8 AM, run for a while and stop by the workout area and do there at least 30 minutes training (push ups, pull ups and many more..). The hardest part will be overcome the laziness. Hope will endure that at least for a week haha.

This week was one of the calmest. Not much interesting things happened. The weather is great for the last few weeks. So I tried to go to the park a lot. I just chill there before the work, read and enjoy calm and peace. In Dufferin park, I also watched the soccer game of some high schools teams, it’s fun, because they don’t play really well, so sometimes, you can see the really funny situation. I watched it with Kazuya and we went then to the near basketball court and played night basketball, it was great, I hope we will do it again sometimes (I won of course :)).

Like I mentioned in the last post that I have to visit the dentist. I still wasn’t there. The insurance company settles the appointment for this Thursday, so don’t know yet, what is it with my tooth and how much I will pay. Fortunately, it doesn’t hurt much, so can wait a little bit longer. By the way, communication with the insurance company is smooth so far. They react very quickly. Hope it will be that smooth after they get the bill :). Anyway still wish me luck! I definitely want to have this thing already behind me.

Keep tuned. Read me next week.