Stolen bike

Yeah, unfortunately, its true my beloved bike is gone :/. Although it was rusty, breaks didn’t break, a lot of weird noises sounded during riding it will be really really missed. But I think I used it well, hope next “owner” will enjoy it as well as me. It happened on Monday, I worked a double shift, so the bike was locked in one place probably too much time, but it was the same spot as every day. Anyway, lesson learned again, I have to keep now my bike inside during working. Next day I already bought a new bike “Road king cruiser”, its similar to the previous one, but have to find the spirit and it takes time until I get to used to it. The bike cost 120 CAD and I found it again on craigslist.


This week I worked quite a lot, two times I worked a double shift, so whole day in a work. I also worked in a different location of Aroma espresso bar in College street and I tried also the opening shift, it’s much busier than my usual evening shift. Actually I liked it, because its better if the work is changing and it is not just closing everyday its not that boring.

So there wasn’t much time for fun this week. I just visited one more time the Toronto islands this time with my friend, but it was just short check. I didn’t take any interesting pictures (is still the same :), but at least we got dinner in Jack Astors after that, its more expensive, but really good.


Still trying to keep my work out routine, some days I cheated a lot, I didn’t do my training plan, but always try to do at least a few pull-ups everyday!:) My goal is now to keep doing it the whole month.

That was is, I am sorry my last blog posts are really short, that’s life, some weeks are more interesting than others (and I am still sad about my bike 🙁 🙂 ), but hope in next posts my writing muse come back again :).

Keep tuned and read me next week.




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