I like the word supermoon, so that’s why is also in this post title, but this week wasn’t just about it. OK but let’s start with supermoon haha. On Monday everybody talked about supermoon even facebook told me, that I should check the night sky. And if facebook told me that I had to, of course, looked up!:) I made a short walk around Bloor street and have to say that when I first was the moon I was really amazed. Supermoon was really super. Here a few photos, unfortunately, my phone camera is bad so it’s just for light imagination.

img_4055 img_4059 img_4052

On Saturday I went to Toronto islands again (i think it was my fourth visit). The weather was beautiful and I wanted to show it there my friend so why not. During the autumn/ winter time goes ferry just to Ward’s islands (western side of Toronto islands) and the ferry is much smaller than in summer season. But it was such a great day, a little bit cold, but otherwise everything perfect. Definitely, recommend visiting even at this time. Fall leafs can also make a nice atmosphere.

img_4028 img_4023 img_4014 img_4016 img_4017 img_4019

On Sunday I looked to UofT campus after a long time. I just passing by at night so I just did a quick check. It’s really even beautiful there. Check the photos.

img_4047 img_4046 img_4043 img_4042

My gourmet me, keep continuing to visiting a nice restaurant. This week I visited Burgenator in Kensington market and Korean restaurant in North York.

img_4063 img_4048

And also I went to the cinema yesterday. The Tuesdays are for a half of prize so why not. I watched another marvel movie Doctor Strange and it’s actually pretty good.


Yeah, another week is gone. This one was really good one. At work is now little bit calmer I work my four days in Aroma and I am happy because of my free time. Of course, I can not keep it like that, because I will not have any money, but maybe a few weeks till I get some of my working strength back. I didn’t start to look for a new job yet so yeah. Laziness is winning these days.

Keep tuned on my blogging and read me next week!:)

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