Yes, October 10th Canadians celebrated typical American holiday Thanksgiving. Now I cite the Wikipedia “A celebration of being thankful for what one has and the bounty of the previous year.

Like in Europe we don’t celebrate it, here it was nice to change. On Friday we have dinner with my roommates. I was part of the cooking team of Turkey. I have never cooked the turkey before so it was quite challenging, mainly because we could use just the small electrical oven as I mentioned in the previous post and how you can guess it was really hard to get there the whole turkey but we made it in the end :).  After that, we have a really nice evening with lots of talking on the terrace in from of our house. Its funny Czech, Japanese, French and Russian meet for this American holiday :).

Next day on Saturday we celebrated Thanksgiving in Aroma, one of our colleges cooked all the food, this time it was much better and much more. This time the table was settled in the back of Aroma and we just ate all day this delicious food. It was also really pleasured time.

On Thursday I was after a long time in Madison. There is every Thursday cheap bear and one of my colleagues wanted to go, so why not. I was prepared and brought before vodka + juice in LCBO (liquor shop, where you can buy alcohol), so when we entered around 11 I was already in the really good mood:). The night was ok, I got drunk a lot, spent a quite a lot too, so successful night. A funny thing happened after the club closed. I don’t know how I showed up at brotherhood house next to Madison, they weren’t so happy but then I talked for a while with them and everything was alright. It seemed like an American movie. Here a few pictures.

Ok, that’s it, Thanksgiving behind me, next week I have a birthday, so hope will celebrate properly. Keep tuned and read me next week.