The posting schedule is broken – the side project struggles

It could be expected. Last few weeks I was struggling a lot with my posts for Nocodemag and my youtube channel.

So yesterday it happened I didn’t write any new post and record a video. Actually, I wonder it hasn’t happened earlier.

I did have some time to do it but I wasn’t able to find the right topic to write about.

I feel a little bad about it but not really that hard feelings.

Time to rethink the purpose and think about the future. I take a week off and will see if I am able to get back on track.

So far I like to write about my personal challenges, new habits, books, and personal goals. That’s not really fit into No-code topic. Its better for my personal blog here.

I personally hate if someone does not keep the posting schedule but yesterday I just realized it’s okay. Better to wait for the right topic than post superbad articles.

The bigger question is probably if I still wanna continue with the Nocodemag project as I said I like to write about different topics and do not feel I jump soon into the no-code world.

The passion behind faded pretty quicly. What is not the best.

Still, I could get some data. The most successful post was about compering Coda and Notion and another one with the Websites where you can get some inspiration.

As you can see even this kind of posts is not about no-code that much.

Maybe I could just do more general website project and write these comparative articles.

Btw it’s really good to share on Twitter and tag the companies (if is the project or company small even better) people are really aware of the mentions and commenting and sharing as crazy.

I am taking a break to think. Need to decide which direction should I go.

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Stay with me. Emil