Thoughts about e-commerce

At my daily job, I care about an e-commerce shop. We sell accessories connect to our main business.

Anyway, I would like to write down some of my thoughts about all this e-commerce hassle.

Disclaimer I am not an e-com pro. Once I owned a small e-commerce website with gym sacks as you can know and this is my second experience. The shop is also just very small.

Anyway, I wanna just generally speaking about the pros and cons and will focus just on small projects.

So let’s start. I write down just a few points. Not sorted out. Just everything that pops into my mind. The list will probably grow in time.

Probably the best way is to have own product. You can have a very good margin and dont need to care about competition much. I have it kinda my bags. Unfortunately, the bags sucked and kept breaking so I couldn’t focus on much growth.

I would rather have a webshop with fewer products with good quality, heavy stock (or an option to get the products to the customer as fast as possible) and strong knowledge about the products.

Careful about lazy communication. Just keep the customers informed even if it means to say bad things (postponed delivery, not have a product on stock, etc.) I struggle with that a lot.

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Stay with me. Emil