TIK TOK everyday

I have never used this app before but since I started promoting my Youtube content on Instagram reels I put the same videos on TIK TOK.

I need to keep pushing it and TIK TOK feels like a good place. Since I already have the content why no to spread it.

So far I keep this challenge I do one video a day. It’s not a usual TIK TOK content just pieces of my youtube videos. As you can guess I do not have a big success with it but I still could get some followers and views. If nothing it pushes me to edit every day and experiment with the shorter video format.

I am not upset about it at all. Yeah, I get stuck on TIK TOK sometimes (there are too many pretty girls and I am just a simple man :D) but in the case of marketing, I think it could work.

I have a nice Notion page and I keep track of my videos. It should show me some interesting data. I pick the best videos and I will upload them every Wednesday on my youtube channel in the SHORTS format.

I feel busy and I hope all this experiment helps me to stay motivated. Of course, the audience on these social apps is very very young and it doesn’t really fit my balding niche but these young folks still have bald fathers. So who knows?! Brand awareness still can be strong!:)

Will see. Wish me luck.

Stay tuned. Emil