To-do list

Finally, I made the perfect to-do list for myself. Of course, as I read a lot of self-help books, watching youtube productivity gurus, and trying to be inspired but all the hustle entrepreneurs. I always wander around TODO lists. The basic condition for perfect productivity.

I just wasnt able to find something I enjoy to use. I always gave up after few tries. Even if I plan my day through a normal calendar I couldnt stick with it. I like freeedom of choice and I couldnt keep the timing and specific blocks.

Right now I think I get it. I use the note-taking app Notion, yes I put almost everything about my projects into there. The whole Youtube channel is there and much more but I wasn’t happy with the Notion to-do list template. It wasn’t suitable for me so I made the one by myself.

It is super simple. I have a board view and it’s divided by days. I just write down what I should do on a specific day and thats it. Everty week I change a simple filter and the previous week is archived into the table and I cna start with the clean sheet. Simple as that.

I write down usually just about 5 things and I can do it during the day when I want. It looks like a total freestyle but I can actually do it. I even work harder and spend the proper amount of time on each task.

It’s been over a week (yeah still the beginning :D) but I think it’s just the best process I tried so far. I feel I finally work and actually move forward with my project (Youtube channel).

Lets keep it rolling!:)

Stay tuned. Emil