Trip around caribbean cost in mexico

Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Coba, Puerto Morelos week trip around the caribbean coast of Mexico is behind me.

I wasn’t alone but my roommate Kazu and his Mexican friends traveled with me. It was good I didn’t have to care about anything, but I just followed the lead. We were moving every day, hostel to hostel. I have never slept in a hostel before so this was my first experience sleep there. Have to say that it’s not so bad, but yeah you need to get used to it. Usually, there are around 10 people in one room, if you want the cheapest one.

I wasn’t very prepared for that kind of traveling, so even I got rid of lots of things before I left Toronto, I needed getting rid of more because my backpack was still too heavy and I am carrying guitar also (that wasn’t the cleverest idea:)). So on the first stop in Cancun, I said goodbye to my clothes again and I could continue a little bit happier (with lighter backpack :)).

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