Trip to Blue mountain

Ok, one more usual post before I will start summarizing!:) On Sunday I went snowboarding to Blue mountains. I don’t know if I mentioned already but snowboarding is one of my biggest hobbies. I was thinking that I try to do it in Canada but more probable was that I move for a few months to Vancouver but I didn’t move there :).

So I really appreciated the offer from one of my Japanese friend if I don’t want to go for a one day trip to Blue mountain here in Ontario. We applied through some agency, but the trip itself was managed by Dufferin club. You can contact them directly. It cost 140 CAD which is pretty good. It includes Bus + ski pass + all snowboarding equipment. I was very picky about equipment, but eventually, I found some good stuff for me and I could enjoy the riding!:)

Get to the mountains takes around 2 hours, we had also one shortstop for breakfast. The Blue Mountains are really small hills, but the resort itself is really wide. So you can choose various slopes. The best thing about Blue mountain is the view because from the top you can see Lake Huron which is almost right on the bottom of the mountains.

Part of the resort is also The Village with a lot of stylish shops and restaurants. I could feel the winter atmosphere there.

We started riding around 11 am and we could till the night because almost all resort lights up after dawn so you can enjoy it even at night. Our bus was leaving at 7.30 pm we returned the equipment and could go home. I was in my bed already at 10 pm:).

The trip was great I was really excited and its good to get out of the city sometimes!:) So definitely recommend to go there! Here a few pictures from the Blue mountains!

One of the last weeks here is gone. I am gonna leave Toronto probably 28th of February. My last day at Aroma gonna be on 26th of February. Yeah, time to start packing my stuff and think about what next :).

Keep tuned on my blogging and read me next week.