Trip to New York

In the same style like a trip to Montreal, I did go a few weeks later to New York. I did go again by bus, but this time it wasn’t just 6 hours, but from Toronto to New York it takes 11 hours, yeah I can imagine better travel time, but it cost just 150 CAD by plane it would be around 400 CAD, so yeah I needed lower my expenses.

Again I didn’t plan my trip much I just took a bus on Sunday evening and at 8 am in the morning I arrived in New York. Have to say that I already been to New York two years ago, so this time it wasn’t for me really with the “wow” effect like the last time. It was again just for two days. The weather wasn’t the best light showers and cloudy, but the weather doesn’t matter for me!:)  I had a good time anyway.

I slept one night in a Q4 hostel, I booked it again through Hostelworld app. It cost around 40USD (a little bit more expensive than in Montreal :)), but it was quite a close to the downtown, just over the Queensboro bridge.

I walked everywhere because I didn’t want to spend too much money on the subway, but anyway I saw a lot of things. I took the ferry to Staten Island so I could see the statue of the liberty, I walked through Battery Park, over the Brooklyn Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge, Highland Park, Central Park, Roosevelt Island, I couldn’t miss Times Square,  I walked around hipsterish Williamsburg to see some wall art and so.

Although my legs almost died after, I had to say that the trip was amazing and I hope it wasn’t my last trip to New York.