Trip to Niagara falls

I have already been to Niagara Falls once, but this time was much much better, because of the weather. Sun was shining, so I decided to go. I took again the bus from the casino company. It cost 25 dollars, but If I would go again it would be just for 7 dollars, but you have to apply for the casino membership, the only condition is that you must spend some money in the casino, but I think nobody really controls it.

Anyway I did go to the casino, it was fun and I actually won 20 dollars, so It was a successful trip. If I compare Niagara in the winter and summer it’s a completely different story. around the falls are open so many attractions you can try and you can really enjoy the day. I didn’t really check anything because everything costs money of course and I don’t have a lot. the boat which takes you under the falls cost for example around 30 dollars.

In Humber Bay park by the lakeshore in New Toronto is new wooden Toronto sign, I did a small trip to there, it’s around 1 hour by bike. It’s a really nice and very good place to take a lot of photos.

and in the end tip for good lunch and a good brunch. For the lunch you should so far my favorite Coo Cafe Bread or rice, I haven’t been there for a while, but it never disappointed me. For brunch try Cafe Luna.