Trip to Banff

I am not gonna lie, last weeks I was kinda lazy so that’s why no post showed up for more than a month. Fortunately, many interesting things happened. So I tried at least with slightly delay bring it for you!:)

First I am gonna tell you about my trip to Banff in Alberta, I did go there end of August with my friend for 5 days.

Banff is known for nature and the amazing lakes and that’s why we traveled there.

We didn’t plan our trip that much, but at least a few things we needed to do in advance. Buy a flight ticket, book the accommodation and a bus.

The fly tickets we got again through and the roundtrip from Toronto to Calgary and back cost around 600CAD(its 5hours flight). Then we booked one night in a hostel in Calgary and 3 nights directly in Hostel in Banff. One last thing was to book a bus from Calgary to Banff, it takes 2 hours and cost around 70CAD(roundtrip with Greyhound). That is everything what can I say about planning :)). Ok, we check a little bit a few things what we want to see, but how we get there we really didn’t know.

The trip went pretty smooth. We arrived in Calgary found our hostel and sleep over. Next day in the morning we found the bus terminal and headed towards Banff. After we arrived there we checked in at the hostel and could start lool around

The first day we took a gondola so we could see Banff from the top. It’s pretty expensive, but we had no strength for hiking(its like 3hours hike to the top), so yeah lazy tourist, then we just saw bow falls and that was it.

The second day was probably the highlight of the trip. We took a Hoop on Hoop off the tour by bus from the Banff to the lakes. I have never used tour before but cannot say a bad word now. It cost just 50CAD.  We jumped on the bus at 9 am and off 6 pm, so we had scheduled all day. First, we saw Lake Louise then Morrain lake and at the end of the day Johnston canyon. Lakes were so beautiful and all day was just amazing.

The third day we did hike around Banff we saw again amazing nature and spent the great day outside.

The fourth day we just chilled in the city and bought some souvenirs. In the evening we could head back home to Toronto.

The trip was great nature the lakes and the views were worth it to see. I am glad I could see it before I left Canada. Here a few pictures which are more than words:).