Trip to Italy

Yeah, its unbeliavable but I did a little traveling. My dad brought me to Italy.

He is an avid BASE jumper and monte Brento is the best place to be for it. It was just a short 4 days trip.

From Prague, it takes about 8 hours by car. We arrived there Thursday at night and Sunday evening we were back in Prague.

The borders are already open after the COVID madness so it’s a kinda easy route to get there.

I was there for nature and my dad just pursued his hobby and make a few jumps. I have never been there with him so I could see the craziness for the first time. It must be an amazing feeling but I would rather stay safe on the ground. But what you can do if it’s my dad’s passion 🙂

Anyway, in the meantime, we had quite a lot of time to lock around. We visited lake Geradine and on Saturday we did go climbing and took quite a hard Ferrata route Rino de Pisseta.

I have never been doing it before and it wasn’t the easiest route so it was quite an adventure and big challenge. The weather wasn’t the best so it didn’t help us.

We were fighting for our lives but in the end, we made it and survived. What can I say I didn’t expect it could be that hard. I had a few crises on the way but you can not give up. First, there is no way back on the Ferrata and second, it couldn’t help anyone. I just tried to keep going. With a little help and calm companion of my dad, I pushed my limits and here I am writing this report so all good:).

It was definitely a highlight of the trip for me.

Anyway, it was good to get out of Prague and enjoy some vacation. I am happy my dad took me with him and we had such a great time together.

Stay tuned. Emil

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