Trip to Montreal

I got finally to travel around Toronto a little. The first trip did go to Montreal. I am spontaneous about traveling, so one day morning I decided to go and in the evening I was already sitting on the bus. The two-way ticket cost around 100 CAD, I traveled with Megabus. It takes around 6 hours from Toronto.

My motto is that no plans are the best plans, so I didn’t book any accommodation in advance. I was just will see what is gonna happen. The only bad thing about m plan was that I arrived in Montreal at 2 AM in the morning, so hard start, but I was ready to walk through the city until morning. Fortunately, I was hanging around in McDonald’s and one couple started to talk to me and eventually, they let me sleep in their apartment for free!! Good people everywhere, they also gave me some tips on what to see. I really didn’t expect that everything is gonna be good in the end.

Next day I thanked a lot and could hit the city. Have to say that I spent in Montreal for just two days, but I think I saw a lot. The second day I already slept in the hostel (I found very useful app with cheap hostels Hostelworld, definitely recommend) I climbed up to the Mont-Royal, I saw Notre Dam, colorful houses in cozy streets, ate famous poutine and smoked meat, I saw Bell center the home of NHL team Montreal Canadiens, Olympic Park, and shiny Jacques Cartier Bridge. A lot of things for two days I guess.

I was really happy that I finally made it at least to Montreal. Montreal is a very beautiful city a little bit different than Toronto, with European style, fortunately, cannot speak French so my home stays in Toronto.