Trying making coffee

As my time in Toronto is going to end so as my working at Aroma I started learning again how to prepare coffee, mostly just cappuccino and latte. I would like to learn basics from latte art, but now it’s just about to do right foam. We cannot talk about latte art so far :))).

I didn’t ask my bosses if I can try it or not, but they would definitely forbid it like they already did once. So I prepare my coffee just if they are not there. Yeah will see how long they won’t notice, but actually, I don’t care much if it leads to some problems. Not much time left to worry about it :). Here is a photo of my first successful attempt at some kind of latte art 🙂

This week come to Toronto a quite heavy snowing (one more time). But it is actually really pretty to see the city under the snow. Finally, I am feeling like during real Christmas.

And it’s freezing. Yeah, Canada, as I expected, is finally here. I am wearing two more layers everywhere, but still feeling quite a cold. Hope will get used to it a little. So these days its really not much about wandering outside, but at least I looked in front of City hall again, during the winter time is there ice ring, where you can skate. I haven’t skated yet but maybe go there with my sister. There is also another Christmas tree.

On Friday my sister is coming. I will pick her up at the airport, so the holidays will spend together, I am really looking forward.

Keep tuned and read me next week. (with my sister I am finally planning to visit the main Toronto sights like CN Tower and Niagara falls!!)