Upgrading the old Macbook Pro

Okay, guys, this post will gonna be updated on the way. It depends if I am gonna succeed or not.

I wanted to buy a new notebook for many months. I just cannot work properly on my super shitty mini Lenovo (no hard feelings). I just couldn’t decide what I should buy. Sometimes it was about money (too expensive) sometimes just about my hesitation (which one is the best for me).

So the times goes by and I was still struggling.

Fortunately, my friend freed me from this hassle. At least for a while.

He had an old MacBook pro early 2011 which he never used and didn’t mind to give it to me (what a good friend, right:)).

I wouldn’t be so happy if I wouldn’t have seen recently many videos on how to improve these old MacBooks and make the decent computer out of it.

So with a big amount of excitement, I bought all the proper hardware for the upgrade.

I got two Kingston SSDs, new 2x8GB RAM, caddy for the additional SSD and thermal paste to improve the cooling.

Before the HardWare exchange, I needed to make some bootable USB for macOS Sierra and that’s where I am now.

I got stuck a little on this first step. So need to figure it out before I move further.

Eventually, I was able to make the bootable USB with Mac OS Sierra but there was still popping some error during the installation and I couldn’t use it. I had to make the bootable USB again this time with the Mac OS High Sierra and fortunately, it worked.

The hardware installation itself was harder than I expected.

In the beginning, I wanted to get on the logic board and add a new thermal paste, clean the fan, exchanged the optical drive with the second SDD, exchange the HDD for the SSD and upgrade the RAM.

I started with the great excitement but I realized promptly it was a little bit too much for my skills.

At the end of the first phase, I exchange just the HDD to SDD and the RAM. Yeah, not too much but I just wasn’t confident enough. There are many small sensitive connectors that are connected to the logic board and I just didn’t want to mess with them.

During the optical drive removal, I also break on of the screws holding it and I cannot pull it out now. Beginners mistake I know, but still, do not give up yet and hoping to somehow make it.

Anyway, after the first phase, the MacBook pro works perfectly its much faster than before and I am happy with the result.

The next steps are to somehow add the second SSD and probably for the thermal paste exchange and complete cleaning will use some MacBook service. Maybe better to pay a little bit more but be safe.

Also, the touchpad doesn’t work properly I wanted to repair it but without success but I will definitely try one more time, I found a good video on Youtube about it.

So that’s it for the start will continue as soon as I improve something more.

After the first struggles, I did gain some confidence and decided to do all the repairs by myself. I was able to take out the logic board and clean underneath.

I could also put a new thermal paste on the CPU it was the biggest challenge but successful.

The second SSD is also in place. I had to fiddle a little with the optical drive but after a while, I could take it out and exchange it for the SSD.

… and that was it. In the end, I could do all the upgrades I wished for and the Macbook Pro Early 2011 – 13-inch is working perfectly now.

I am very happy about it and I really enjoyed the process. πŸ™‚

… and cuz all the success I decided to buy another Macbook Pro. It’s mid-2012. Yeah, just one year newer but if everything will go smoothly it could work much better. Wish me luck cuz I do not really know the conditions of the notebook. It can be a total wreck.

I am super excited. I will inform you in another post. πŸ™‚

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Stay with me. Emil

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