Visa run to Kuala Lumpur

Because of my visa, I needed to fly out of Indonesia. I choose Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia for my visa run. I have never been there so I could enjoy another country and nice modern city. The trip was just in the morning to Kuala Lumpur and at the night back to Bali. Yeah pretty shortstop, but I didn’t want to spend much money there. The fly ticket was pretty cheap around 900000IDR(80USD) and I bought it directly through the airline’s website Fortunately, the situation about mount Agung is calm now, the airport is open so I could fly.

I got To the airport in Bali by my motorbike, it was the easiest way. It took just around 30min. And I didn’t have any big luggage, just small gymsack. You can park at the airport easily. Then it is a just 5minutes walk to the terminal. Everything from my place to the gate took just about 1hour, yeah pretty fast. So you don’t need too much time and you can go to the airport just about 1.5 before the flight. But of course, it depends on which hour you are flying. During the day is traffic at the airport and on the streets stronger so you need more time.

I didn’t know much about Kuala Lumpur before the trip, I didn’t even plan what should I see. Yeah, the worst traveler ever haha. Only thing I checked in advance was how to get from the airport to the city center.

At last, I decided to go by local train. I just downloaded app KLIA Ekspres and I bought a return ticket for 90 MYR one day before my trip.

The arrival of Kuala Lumpur was easy. I departed to KLIA2 (terminal for low-cost airlines like AirAsia). Through the immigration it took around 30minutes, then I found quickly the KLIA express and I could go to KL senter station.. (you can take two trains express and transit, express is much faster so wait for that one!) with express it took around 30minutes. After the arrival of KL senter it was kinda chaotic. I didn’t know exactly where to go next. My only goal in Kuala Lumpur was to see the famous Petronas twin towers.. so from the Kl senter, I needed to find the right way.

Fortunately, at last, I found a light train to KLCC. It cost 2.5Myr one way. You need to pay for the ticket just with coins or notes so I needed first to get some local currency. I used easily atm, don’t know if it was the cheapest and the safest solution but I didn’t have much more options. With the train to KLCC was 5 stops around 10minutes way .. so totally around 1hour from the airport to the towers. I was afraid that I not gone have much time to make it, but in the end, was ok. My flight was at 10 pm, so I needed time to be back at the airport around 8 pm.

I didn’t explore much. I took some pictures in front of the Petronas Towers. Behind the towers is a nice park where you can relax and probably take better pictures of the towers then from the other side. After that, I just ate and chilled in the mall close by..and then the same trip back to the airport. I arrived at the airport 4hours before my flight. I could look around a little bit more, but like I didn’t plan anything I didn’t want to stuck somewhere haha .. but my main goal was fulfilled(to see Petronas towers) so I was happy anyway and that is important!:)

Back in the KLIA2 I just chilled, ate, took some pictures with the sunset and then headed to the gate. Everything did go smoothly. I didn’t lose much time during the customs checking(maybe a just small tip, there is kinda late customs check(mine boarding gate was Q5) before the gate, so if you have some liquids like water they would take it and what is bad you cannot buy bottled water after, just in a stupid cup, so maybe better take an empty bottle and fill it with drinkable water, which you can find it there!)

Flying with AirAsia is ok, the cabin crew was nice, flights were on time and that is important!:) but otherwise classic low-cost airlines, you don’t get any free drink or food on board, you have to just pay, but you know it 🙂

My flight back was adventurous in the end. Everything looked all right we should land on time, but suddenly captain said that the conditions for landing getting worse. So we had to circle around the Bali cuz of the big storm. We were right on the edge of the big clouds. The view was breathtaking. You can see how defenseless the small airplane compare to big mother nature can be. But fortunately after 20minutes, it got calmer and we could land. But yeah have to admit that I was really happy when we landed safely:) .. not every day you can be a hero haha :).

After that, I just went through immigration. This time I paid visa on arrival for 35USD, which can be extended, cuz I need to stay a little bit longer than 30days. I found my motorbike. I paid 10000IDR for parking, which is pretty good .. and headed back to home.

The trip to Kuala Lumpur was interesting. I could check another country, the famous towers. I fulfilled my main purpose (to do visa run) so all good.

Take care, have fun and read to me next week.