On my way back home (back in time 3 of 5)

Now its gonna start to be interesting and it’s still just begging. During my stay in Mexico I was thinking what next or more how should I get back home as you can guess I didn’t think of any plan in advance. So with no plan no flight ticket I was chilling in Mexico and my day of  checking fly tickets, I used again Kiwi.com, but I recommend used Kiwi.com just for real backpackers (with just one small backpack) cause Kiwi used often just low-cost airlines, so you have to pay for the baggage, but I didn’t have many other choices.

First I wanted to go from Mexico straight to Prague of course, but the tickets weren’t cheap and with lots of stops. So I was checking other ways how to get home. Some other exotic destinations and so, but everything was too expensive. Eventually, I ended up with .. wait for it … this trip  Puerto Escondido -> Mexico city -> Atlanta -> Toronto (3 days stop) -> London -> Prague .. yeah I came back to Toronto!!! It sounds little weird but actually the tickets for a good price like that and why not say hi to Toronto one more time :).

I could stay at my friend’s house so accommodation was for free. The tickets cost from Puerto Escondido to Toronto 327 CAD and from Toronto to Prague 474 CAD. It’s not that bad, don’t you think, but it was just for the flight tickets, have to say that I paid for the baggage proximately 25 USD :(.  I was flying with VivaAerobus, Delta Airlines, WestJet, and EasyJet.

In Toronto I met one more time my friends from Aroma, I went to a soccer game and said one more time Goodbye to Toronto.

I had 9 hours stop over in London. I have never been there so I needed to get in the city at least for a while. Fortunately, I have a friend who is living there so we did a quick tour around the main sights and I could check London from my list. In the end, I almost missed my plane, but fortunately, the flight with Easyjet was delayed so I made it and I could do the final step into my last flight on my long journey.