Week in a life

The situation is still the same. Lockdown. Working from home and almost never get out of my house. On the first glance, it doesn’t look like something enjoyable but if I would be honest I do not feel down. Actually, my mood is in the best shape in many months.

I think its cuz I can plan my days in my way and actually I can keep my daily schedule pretty strict so I can move somewhere.

I keep writing for my Niche project, I read a lot (Foudation series by Asimov is ahead of me), I got hooked with Adobe Illustrator so I am pretty busy during the day and I can quite enjoy it. You can see a few of my designs in the gallery. It’s mostly just some lesson exercises form the courses. I am just playing around. 🙂

Recently I had also an idea about a little project, I do not tell you the details yet but It’s connected to the blogosphere. Right now, I try to collect some data and if I am gonna succeed I am gonna make that project happen. I would say it’s about a 10% chance now :).

Yeah, I can keep going in these times. I need to be ready as soon as the things get back to normal which I truly believe it happens.

Stay safe. Emil