Week summary

Last week was little bit weird nothing super interesting happend so here is short summary of every day:)

Wednesday  .. I was working and then I did go to Goodbye beer with my cooworkers from Aroma, three of them were leaving soon. We ve been to bowling bar, but we didnt play bowling just drinking and litle bit of table tennis, after that we went to another bar for more drinks 🙂

Thursday .. Working, then dinner with my friend and a lot of talking. After that I went to Madison club but just for a few beers, no extra party!

Friday .. I worked double shift at Aroma 10am to 10pm, so there wasnt time for anything else

Saturday .. Day off, I did just my laundry (All the time I just go to near Laundromat its cost always around 4 CAD (washmashine + detergent + dryer) . Rest of the day I just chilled and in the evening I went for dinner and drink with my friend. Again my favourite Japanese restaurant Coo close to my house.

Sunday .  I worked morning shift, only one in whole week, so after I slept a lot and then just read and play guitar.

Monday .. Day off ( litteraly I didnt do anything :)))

Yesterday I had been to the cinema to see movie Hidden Figures. I didnt know anything about the movie, but have to say that is it really good one. Nice movie to see. I have been again in Cineplex at Dundas square, every tuasday are tickets cheaper.

Yeah my life wasnt that interesting this week, but sometimes life is like that. Following weeks I need to start planning trip after Canada, so hope there gonna be more interesting information for you.

And yes this is post number 50 🙂 .. unbelievable i didn’t expect that actually keep the pace and i am gonna get to this number hope for at least next 50!:)

Keep tuned on my blogging and read me next week!

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