Welcome home Emil – the circle is over or? (back in time 4 of 5)

So finally I arrived back home to Prague, after 1 year and 15 days I was back in my home country. It seems that the story is over, but like I said I was thinking a lot. But let’s get to the point later. It was great to be back home after more than a year. I saw my family, my friends, my city. It’s nice to know that even if you are abroad for such a long time, there is always somebody who welcomes you with love. Family over everything!!

On the other hand, you can see that nothing really changed over the year. I talked a lot with my friends, but really after a while, you can feel like no year passed away. It’s nice that I could start where I finished, but my thoughts and my feelings were starting rotating.

To be honest, when I was sitting on the airport in Toronto and was waiting for my flight back home I wrote to my cellphone, that I am definitely coming back (yeah its really true). Have to admit I am a very emotional person and everything just felt on my shoulder at that moment. I started missing Toronto a lot.

And what is funny all my family wasn’t against it. Sooo.. after 10 days back in Prague, I was heading back to TORONTO!!!!!