What do I enjoy

So part of the name of this personal blog is “ENJOY”.

Recently I havent been enjoying much but lets try to write down a few things I like to do. Even in these crazy COVID times.

Sure most of the days I am just home therefore it’s almost just about me and my computer but you can still do something.

So what do I do.

I play guitar pretty regularly and I practice more than usual. I cannot see much progress but I keep the standard. I am happy I haven’t given up on this nice habit.

I started learning Adobe Premiere and a little bit of Adobe After Effects. Yeah, I keep adding more and more Adobe products but if I wanna improve the design skills I just need to get familiar with it. It should also help to improve the quality of my future Youtube videos. I bought a course on Udemy again which is good but mostly I watch some Youtube tutorials (there is enough material to learn everything).

I guess that’s is. It could look like nothing but I do not feel I would just hang around. The learning process takes a lot of my time. The goal for the following weeks is to practice my learned skills. Just bring up projects where I could use all the tools.

Keep creating and making my own content. That’s what I wanna do. Wish me luck. 🙂

Stay tuned. Emil.