What I am working on right now

I keep losing interest about my side projects. I always start something and after a while I stop.

I need to admit I have never had any big traction with any of my projects (as you can see from my regular monthly reports). Still, it’s not very good quality.

Anyway, right now I keep fighting and try to do at least something. Lets see what I am working on right now.

My Youtube channel – Efran. Yeah, I changed the topic and do some design stuff but my channel is still on. I do not have any specific day to upload my videos but it’s about a week schedule and I wanna do new videos as much as possible.

My blog Worktravelenjoy. Cuz you can read this post it is more than clear that I try every week to write down a few words. The last few weeks were a little bit bumpy road but finally, I could be back on track and every Tuesday bring a new post.

I also start writing weekly for my local Niche project. I checked the stats and it had some audience it would be a shame to stop with my tries. I do not push it as hard as in the beginning. I bring just very short mostly motivational posts but I will see where it is gonna go.

Redbubble shop. Even though my challenge is already over I keep making designs. It is pretty challenging but I wanna improve my Photoshop and Illustrator skills so I simply need to create new stuff. In the case of earnings I haven’t had any sale yet but who knows :).

… and that’s is. Do I earn any money from it? Definitely not but I hope I at least move forward … to somewhere.

Stay tuned. Emil