What next

Ok, I am not gonna lie:). For a post about my whole experience in Canada are you gonna have to wait. I am really sorry but maybe is better if ill take some time to sort all my thoughts and then I am gonna write that post. Don’t worry I will.

In the meantime, I hope interesting as well for you. I am gonna tell you what’s gonna plan next to Canada, at least following month:)

So I really don’t know how that happened but after an almost a whole year I am leaving Toronto.  28th of February is my last day here!! Yeah, I came 17th in March 2016 and leaving 28th of February 2017. Time flies so don’t waste it.

So what next? As you can think I am not gonna go straight back home to the Czech Republic, but first steps lead to Mexico to be accurate to Cancun! I wanted to go to Mexico almost from the beginning but plans were changing quite a lot. Eventually, it’s Cancun. Mostly because I am gonna meet there my Japanese roommate Kazuya, who has friends there and they will show us therearound. That’s the easiest part of the trip I guess. By the way, I bought the flight ticket just this Monday for 238CAD through website kiwi.com. Just one-way ticket!! :))

After that probably start the adventure, because I am gonna be just on my own and I want to get to Guatemala. Why? One thing I don’t know I already mentioned here. As I was here sometimes got bored so I started to learn Spanish through the application Duolingo (you can follow me there my nickname”efran”:)). So I told myself that would be good to improve it.

I want to take some lessons in Guatemala, should be cheap there!:) and one of my hobbies is surfing so after lessons I want to surf there, To Guatemala probably I am gonna by bus, should be 18 hours. Yeah a lot of fun ahead of me. In Guatemala, I would like to stay for at least one month! But I am not sure will see if I am gonna like it there. I don’t have a flight ticket back so maybe I can stay there a week, month or more, I really don’t know!:)

Yeah, that’s my plan, actually, its not much a plan haha but yeah will see what’s gonna happen.

Last six days in Toronto, lots of goodbyes, tomorrow is my last day in Aroma. Sad sad sad I am really emotional about it have to say, but yeah time to move on! Next post gonna be last from Toronto!!

Keep tuned and read to me next week!