Whats up Puerto Escondido (back in time 1 of 5)

Puerto Escondido is small city in Mexico by the Pacific ocean. Have to say that i didnt know anything about it, but actually its really well-known in surfing community, because there is one of the best wave in Mexico called Mexpipe. The wave itself is on Plaza Zicatela and its big barrel a-frame beach break. I didnt try this wave because my skills are not good enough and I havent been surfing for 2 years so yeah I keep this wave for better surfers:)

Actually I hadnt lived right in the city, but about that in next post. I explored it quite a lot. I needed to go there  to exchange money or to buy some stuff. I dont know what should i say about it, but i guess its typical city by the ocean and i think its not classic mexican city, because is influenced by lots of tourists whom coming there and the locals got used to the tourists as well.

As you can see the sunset on the beach was amazing and I could enjoy that everyday. Like everywhere beach life is kind a slow. My daily routine was surfing of course, but just in the morning and evening, I walked lot on the beach, the distance from Punta where I lived to puerto was around 25 minutes, but my favourite thing was just chilling and reading in the Hamock. Yeah really hard life. :D.


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