Where to write more

Since the daily writing for the 200WAD/Cowriters/Writelier stopped I need to stick just with this blog.

After 700 days of writing, my journey stopped. It feels weird of course but I feel a little relieved as well. The pressure of the daily deadline is gone.

Still, it was almost two years of writing so I wouldn’t like to abandon this habit.

I need to keep writing keep improving.

Not very sure which way to go now. I am gonna post here of course. I will never give up on this blog full of personal and stupid thoughts.

I just need to enhance it. Move also somewhere else.

Since I write this in English I would like to try also push my native language writing. It’s not gonna be easy for sure but I hope it not gonna be a fresh start and even though I was writing in English I was thinking in Czech so I assume my Czech writings could improve a little bit as well.

Right now, I just need to find the right project. Something I enjoy, something where I would like to dig deeper with my knowledge.

I do not know yet (do I know something? :D) but I need to find it as soon as possible.

The clock is ticking and I just need to push my strengths into something.

It has been long time. I cannot just hang around.

Important to say that I am not happy with any of my current projects (as you can see in my regular reports) so I need to find something new.

Stay tuned. Emil