Which habits to keep and which don’t?

Past few weeks I struggle. I was pretty strict with my daily habits. I have almost never missed a day. Meditation, writing, exercise, reading … I could do it day by day … but right now its momentum was gone.

I stuck just with the bare minimum. The power is gone and I am not able to continue.

Where is the problem? Am I lazy or did I choose wrong habits? Probably it’s a little bit about both reasons.

My process of picking habits is kinda random. I get inspired and just jump in. I do not think about it much. So usually I do not enjoy much doing it. It has two consequences. I get bad feelings towards it and I do not improve it cuz I always stay just with the lowest possible level to achieve my daily goal.

I just need to evaluate my current habits. Pick the ones I enjoy and set some plans and strategies on how to improve. It should motivate me more and also I should move somewhere not just stay in one place.

Thats my plan for following days. Clean up and move forward. 🙂

Stay tuned. Emil