Work from Home (My experience)

Yeah, since the corona madness begins I have been working from home (I guess it was since the 10th of March). What is more important I left my daily job and started hustling on my own.

Let’s just do a quick overview how the life goes.

The most imporatnt thing to say is that I had some savings before I jumped on this path. I was planning that for a while and just the life circumstances goes my way (no commitment no family). So my hands were more free than others.

Still, I guess its not the most clever way to go if you do not have set proper plans on how to make money which is in my case.

My only plan was to somehow hustle on the internet and make some money out of it. Until this day I got nothing that could support my life.

The only little earning was through my old affiliate project but we talking about 4 or 5 dollars. Yeah, let’s go to Bali and chill on the beach :D.

Anyway, I didnt bancrupt yet so I am gonna keep going for while.

Let’s summarize some ups and downs about working from home, at least according to my experience.

I am able to keep my schedule

I do not have a problem setting a regular schedule and work properly through the days. Yeah, I was a little bit worried that I get lazy and I am not gonna be able to work but it’s not my case. I do my tasks and try to fill my day with a lot of things to do. Not just chill.

Sure, I need to fit it according to my preferences but I guess I am more productive than I could expect.

If I feel I am overwhelmed I just skip one day and take rest. The important thing is to not keep skipping and skipping but come back stronger the next day.

I learn new things

I really enjoyed to watching some logo desing and photoshop videos on Youtube. I decided to dive into the design a little bitm more and for the beginning I took some Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop courses on Udemy.

I do not say you learn everything but the course give you some basics for the beginning and it pushes you to form the habit. Right now I am at the end of my 30 days drawing and logo design challenge (more about it in the next week post :)).

I also change my Youtube channel direction cuz of that (I mentioned that in the last week post).

You can see the last video below.

I am not social at all

Yeah, there were government restrictions in the beginning but right now it keeps releasing and we can do almost everything but I am still kinda just at home.

I feel I should hang out a little bit more. Get some fresh air and renew my energy level. It’s gonna be my goal for the following weeks.

No money no funny

I am still in the honeymoon phase. I have money on my account. So I do not need to stress much. But yeah it’s not gonna last forever and I need to figure out how to earn something.

Maybe I will need to comeback to regular job but I am not giving up yet. 🙂

Yeah, some of first thoughts about my hustling journey. I am gonna keep you posted.

Stay tuned. Emil