Work work work

Don’t worry I am still in Aroma, haha, but my schedule is rapidly changed. Last weeks I didn’t work calm and peaceful evening shifts, but mostly crazy opening and middle shifts, because one of the cooks left so I basically took all his shifts. Actually, I wanted to try busier times, but sometimes it’s much crazier than I expected. For example, this Saturday was one of the busiest days in the whole Aroma, we survived but under pressure we made mistakes yelled at each other and so. Hope it gets better!:)

One of the good thing about this whole service job experience is that I am much more patient if I wait in other fast food restaurants, because now I know what does it mean to prepare food fast and yes we really don’t hang around, but we do as much as hard can to serve everything on time. Believe me, that is really stressful to handle everything. So please think about it as you will be waiting later in some line, that we are also just people, we made mistakes but we really really try hard!!

I also visited second world cup of hockey match Czech Republic against the USA, although both teams were already out from tournament before the match, it was a great game with a lot of goals (4:3) and what is the best Czech Republic won!:) This time I wasn’t there alone but I went with my roommate Kazuya and his friend Flo, its always better share these moments!:) The tickets were so cheap I bought my ticket one week before the match for 15 USD and two tickets for my friends one day before the match also for 15 USD. I definitely will use again.:) Here some of the photos before and during the match.

I also went to the gym. Have to say that I really don’t like the gym much in general, but this was different. Owner of our Aroma lives in a condo right next to our store and one of the benefits of living in a condo is that you have access to a free gym. So I went with him before work :). Here some photos from the top :). I probably gonna go there more often. free is free :)).

By the way, I don’t know if I mentioned that but on the 17th of September I was in Toronto already for 6 months, so half of the stay in Canada is already behind me!!! I still remember how nervous I was before I left Prague, yes you cannot definitely stop the time!:)

Keep tuned on my blogging and read me next week.