Working is hard

Last week was just about work as I mentioned in the previous post I got a job (to be accurate, first of all, I had to go through the training) in one of the franchises of Aroma espresso bar in the kitchen. And as the title of the post indicates working is really hard.

The training was scheduled from Tuesday till Saturday from 8 am till 3 pm.

I have never worked in the kitchen, I can not almost cook to myself ๐Ÿ™‚ and now, have to prepare vegetables, make sandwiches, salads, fry eggs of any kind and everything super fast.

After the first day of my training has to admit, that I almost left. Remember every ingredient of the salads, sandwiches and how to fry eggs in the right way was over my strength. Yep, just sandwiches…:)), but you have to know, the preparation of everything has to be done until 6 minutes because the customer cannot wait any minute longer. So stress, nervous customers everything pushes on you. Like I said my feelings after the first day was really bad, salads, sandwiches everything was mixed together.

The second day was much better and I slowly and surely started getting into it. Yep still super slow, but finally I got a feeling that maybe could make it. Next days follow and I was more and more confident. So now hope I definitely make it!!:)  I thought that the training will be just 5 days in the current franchise and I will move to a new location, but the new Aroma is still not open, so I will be training here till opening.

Of course, I am not alone in the kitchen, there is regular employees of Aroma, Archibald from Ethiopia and Rajeev from India (yep really multicultural coworkers ๐Ÿ™‚ ). They teach me everything and they are cool without them I would surely fail. They are really really patient with me.

The next and the biggest problem is that the owner (the woman around my age from Israel) of the franchise I train is really strict and I think sometimes she yells unnecessarily because everybody there works hard. I have a problem with the authorities and can’t take that so easily. I knew from the beginning, that by the training for sure will be some problem and finally yesterday we had a fight because I screwed some order, I still argued and she is not used to it. She almost sends me home, we stopped and I continued working until the end of my shift. I thought about it a lot and in the end, I realized that I shouldn’t do it because after all she is the boss and I am just an employee. I went to her and said sorry, she accepted my apology and we talk about it calmly. That was a really big lesson for me, it is maybe a part of the truth on my side I have to respect and follow the boss and never behave like that.

So this was my work woes. I again learned a lot, did many mistakes, but yes this is life :). Next week I should finally start working in a new location, so will see if I can be a regular employee:). Btw. still working in OVEST, but the Saturday was really hard from 8 am till 3 pm I was in Aroma and from 6 pm till midnight in OVEST, so will see how long I can hold…

That’s it all for today:) btw. I am in Canada already over one month, time goes fast!:)…Keep tuned on my blogging and read me next week!:)