World cup of hockey Toronto

Yeah in Toronto started world cup of hockey with the Czech Republic in the tournament, as I mentioned in the previous post I bought tickets for two games Czech republic vs team Europe and the Czech Republic vs the USA. Yesterday I visited the first of the matches. Unfortunately, we lost and we are almost out of the tournament. anyway, it was a good experience.

Like I could see the world cup is not a such a big deal how is it shown in media. Of course Canadian are interested in Canada games but for the other matches, you can still get tickets and what is more important quite cheap!! So if you want to visit some game, don’t hesitate, visit and get the tickets the cheapest ones are around 10USD! I hope in the last game Czech at least shown some good hockey.

This week wasn’t just about hockey. On Thursday I meet my Czech friends in handler bar I already visited. It was for the second time I spoke in Toronto in Czech. It was funny because I already include my Czech some English words so probably my English is getting better :). Anyway, it was a really nice evening and sometimes is good to speak with other Czech people haha..

On Saturday the owner of our aroma celebrated a birthday and he invited us to really fancy club Nest. The entry fee was 20CAD but then free drinks for everybody:). Although electronic music which was playing there I really don’t like. It was a really good party, everybody got a drank we had a lot of fun. The next day in the work wasn’t that great.

With Kazuya we still try to find good places to eat, last week we were in Korean restaurant sunrise house in Korean town and we also found a small bar close to our house idle bar also with delicious food.

This week was a great lot of action, hope it will continue like that. Keep tuned on my blogging and read me next week!:)

p.s. Sunsets clouds from my window!:)