Writing an E-book

Whaaaat? Are you serious? No one is reading your blog so you are gonna add more pointless content?

Yes, yes and yes. I decided to write an E-book. It’s part of my way. I have been blogging for more than 4 years. I have been writing daily on co-writers for more than a year. Time to get to the next step and write something longer. An E-book is just an additional step on my writing journey.

I already started and I think I can make it. It’s not gonna be super long, about 20 pages long. Just a little longer blog post. I just wanna prove myself I am able to write down some thoughts in a longer piece.

The E-book is gonna be for free (who would buy my words right haha). I am gonna just ask you kindly for your email address but nothing more.

It should be in downloadable pdf but I will probably write some introduction or overview here as a simple blog post.

I would like to make a simple graphic design but still, it should get some decent visual. It should look nice … at least I will try.

I hope to finish it until the next week. No more hanging around, just put some words down and finish it as soon as possible. If it would take more time I would definitely give up on the way.

It’s a perfect time now. I am usually just locked at home so I can focus on writing. I try to use early morning blocks and do most of the writing in the zone, where no one can interrupt me.

It’s kinda big project even though I am used to writing. I will see how much further I can go with my writing skills.

You are gonna see the result very soon. Wish me luck. πŸ™‚

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Stay safe. Emil