Writing daily is going to end

Writing is one of my longest daily habits. If I do not count this blog (which wasn’t super consistent lately, I am sorry). I have been writing at least 200 words a day for the last two years (I will soon pass this mark).

I was using the site called 200 words a day which was rebranded to Cowriters which was rebranded to Writilier. It was an interesting experience. Just do not give up and keep going daily with new 200 words.

Sure sometimes I was able to bring up some interesting thoughts but most of the days were just some crying nonsense about my life (similar to my posts here :)). Even though I felt that way many times it just doesn’t matter that much.

If I talk about the writing habit it helps tremendously. No one can take it away and every word counts for improving your writing skills. You don’t need to bring quality content daily but if one of the ten is good it was worth it.

Let’s be honest I do not feel like a better writer as before this crazy challenge but I think it simpler to start writing for me now. I do not overthink everything and just put the words on the paper. Simple as that.

A big part of this strongly built habit is also cuz the public aspect. I lose the fear and I do not care that much about my mistakes and weird sentences. Overcome this block helps a lot. Stop being afraid about little things and just show it to the world.

Even though it hurt sometimes and I really didn’t know what to write I do not regret a minute committing to this long-lasting writing streak but couldn’t recommend it more.

The Writilier website will end soon as well as my long writing streak. I am not sad. I think it’s the right time to move forward.

Use the new skill for different and better projects. I do not stop writing for sure even if it would be just for this personal blog I promise. :).

Stay tuned. Emil