WTE is gonna continue!!! Make and Shake.

Yes, it’s true. Today I made a decision. Maybe you didn’t even hope but I decided to keep going. πŸ™‚

It was a while since my summarizing last post.

To be honest I didn’t do much. I am still in Prague, visiting my 9-5 job and staying with my mom. As you can see I did a great job πŸ˜€ but if you are already down it’s easier to go up.

I continue with my habits. Going boxing, writing on 200WaD, keeping my streak on Duolingo. The 200WaD and my new habit of writing 10 ideas a day are the main reason why I will continue with this blog.

I became to be familiar with the Makers movement (you do your project just on your own). I really like the idea so I decided to try it and in the near future I hope I will come with my own project.

The idea is not to succeed with every project but don’t be afraid to make and show it as soon as possible (Do an MVP .. minimum viable product) and validate your idea. If people like it, you improve it, if not you move to another project. Simply as that. You don’t have to be even a coder cuz there are many apps which can make the job for you.

If you want to know more about it. You can read a book MAKE by Levelsio. (it’s worth it to buy)

Today I was thinking about everything and kinda write a roadmap of my Making journey. Let’s look at what I got.

Worktravelenjoy.com is gonna be my main blog and hub.

Yes, the type of posts will gonna change a little bit (in the beginning). I will write about my projects. If I succeed If I fail. I would like to make precise info about my projects portfolio with the current revenue (if there will be some haha) and total investments.

Sure I will not stop writing about traveling if I would go somewhere and my personal life but the main focus now shifts to the WORK part.

the WTE.com will be also kinda test site. If I would need to test something before it would go to my side project I will do it here. So I am sorry in advance If sometimes not gonna work everything as it should be.

… that’s it for the Worktravelenjoy.com. It should be possitive change and fresh kick in the ass haha. The site will be updated a lot .. I hope.

Side projects

The other part of my journey is, of course, the side projects making (I have none so far). Every project will get own domain and a focus. I will share all the breakthroughs and updates on their website as well as on worktravelenjoy.com.

Social media

I decide to go just with Twitter @franekemil and Instagram @emil.franek. You can follow me there if you would be interested in my journey :).

Mailing list

I didn’t pay too much attention into my mailing list which is of course bad. So now I would like to improve this communication channel. If you would like to subscribe and start getting my newsletters. Please, you can do it here. I will send just some weekly summary (I promise not daily email bombing haha.) You will never miss a new post and hopefully interesting information. πŸ™‚

How I want to behave across my communication channels – The manifesto

Important thing I told myself is how I want to communicate with you guys. The list is not complete and will grow but here is fist few points.

  • I want to be super honest with you. Show all my success and all my fails without messing around. I wanna show all the numbers as well. Hide as less as possible. Be open to the public.
  • I want to show all my projects since the beginning until success or fail. Not talking just in general way. Take all the critique and learn from the mistakes.
  • I want to show all the technology, apps, papery notes I use during the process.
  • If I would add an affiliate link to my post I am gonna recommend just what is worth it. Never recommend any crap for my readers

I promise…

WHY. I want to go this way.

The most imporant thing is. Why I decided for this way. This list is gonna grow as well.

  • I want to step out of the crowd and prove myself I’m a not just lazy piece of shit haha.
  • Not gonna lie I am thinking about money too. If there would be some success sure I would like to get some money from it. It’s important for my motivation and necessary for my life. Not the best reason, but as I mentioned in the manifesto I wanna be honest with you. So I am.
  • I want to be my own boss. Better to say I need to be cuz I cannot work for somebody else I am just too lazy if I am doing someone else business. I am not a good employee.
  • I want to make people believe in yourself. Show them some way which could be successful or failure but the important thing is not to be afraid to try.
  • I will be showing the hard way, no easy money, no overnight success, just hard work with no guarantee. Life is not easy but you can fight.

That’s it for today. I hope you will like the changes in this blog and will stay with me on my journey.

Don’t hesitate to follow my journey and subscribe to my mailing list. πŸ™‚ HERE πŸ™‚

p.s. I am gonna updated this post regulary.

Stay with me. Emil.

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