Youtube channel Rebrand

I decided to change and rebrand my Youtube channel. No more Organized life (It was a pleasure). Since now it’s gonna be and Efran channel (kinda nickname I use around the internet). It should be more personal and I would like to add more design content there.

Even though I am not skilled enough I just started with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop recently I would like to use my channel as part of my learning process.

If I am gonna be force to make some graphic design every week. Sure I get better.

The note-taking apps will not disappear. I will keep there the old videos and I think I am gonna post more about this topic in the future. Just right now I will be focused more on the design.

I have already posted the first video about my Logo design challenge. You can see it below.

I hope I am gonna be back on my weekly video schedule. Need to keep it going. I have some material now but sure it’s gonna be a challenge to bring something valuable every week.

My designs definitely not gonna be clean and polished. As I mentioned I am a super beginner but I do not try to be an artist. Just wanna try to hassle around and see where it will go.

I am not sure but I am kinda like Youtube. It’s just something I wanna try. All the video making, creativity, stepping out of comfort zone. ITs great way how to push myself.

Its also great source of motivation even a few views of my videos are such a big push. So I wanna make it a part of my dopamine doping, haha.

In case of an audince, sure I would like to get somewhere and I have some goals. More views -> More motivation -> More fun.

I can probably expect a decrease in the near future. My current subscriber’s count is 59 which is more than I could hope for when I uploaded a video but all of them came for Note-taking apps, organizing things and so. I guess they will leave very soon after I will start putting crappy designs there but hopefully I get someone new.

You are gonna see the stats in my regular monthly reviews.

Yeah, today it was just about my Youtube channel and a little introduction. Not much is going on in my life :).

Stay safe. Emil